The NYT Examines 38 Studios Debacle

38 studios Former governor Donald Carcieri has finally broken his silence, agreeing to speak to someone worthy of his time, Matt Bai of The New York Times. Once again Rhode Island makes the national news for all the wrong reasons. Bai found few people willing to speak on the record for “Thrown for a curve in Rhode Island” in Sunday’s business section.

Even in a state that long served as New England’s Mafia headquarters — and a state whose best-known modern political figure, Buddy Cianci, the former Providence mayor, was sent to prison in a federal corruption case known as Operation Plunder Dome — the 38 Studios debacle has registered as a painful embarrassment. (When I called influential Rhode Islanders and told them I was writing about 38 Studios, virtually all of them, even if they had opposed the deal, answered with some version of, “Do you have to?”)

Understandably, Governor Chafee did seize the opportunity to illuminate the chain of events and make his case. The article makes for very depressing reading, but worth it if only to hear Gordon Fox compare the arrival of Mr. Schilling to General Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Normandy invasion. Seems both men had that certain je ne sais quoi which might as well be Mr. Fox’s motto at this point.

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