Ladd Observatory — Tuesday Nights

882244_357942294325296_1604221409_o One way to know the days are getting longer is when Ladd Observatory changes its hours on Tuesdays, the night it’s open to the public. For me, spring feels official when I can stop by Ladd from 9pm to 11pm instead of 8pm to 10pm, giving the sky more time to darken.

The good folks there still can’t control rain or clouds, but tonight is supposed to be nice and clear (but chilly – bring a sweater). I’m not sure if the main (see: honkin’ big) telescope will be focused on our own moon or, as it was several weeks ago, the moons of super-visible-right-now Jupiter, but there’s so much going on up there you just can’t go wrong. Late April is the best time of year to see Saturn, and boy, those rings get me every time. David Bowie sings about the stars (not the astronomy kind, but hey…Give me this one thing) after the jump.

Photo by Bob Horton

Free and open to the public, Tuesdays, 9pm to 11pm, Ladd Observatory, 210 Doyle Avenue at Hope, (directions)


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