Foo Fest Lineup Announced — Ssion Coming To Town

cody critcheloe Foo Fest announced its 2013 lineup with Ssion as headliner and many local rockers and noisemakers in support. Pitchfork describes them thusly.

Ssion is Kansas City, Missouri freak-scene collective led by charismatic mastermind Cody Critcheloe. He founded SSION while at art school there– his extracurricular credits include album art for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and music videos for the likes of Liars– and the band communicates over a wide range of media: campy, trashy music videos that would make John Waters smile; elaborate stage shows involving garish sets and costumes; and the kind of attitude-heavy electro pop that would go over equally well at the gay disco as the queercore dive bar.

Seems like a good fit. The sartorially splendid Cody Critcheloe is seen here in his recent video “Luvvbazaar” buying candy at a CVS — get your flu shot Cody! (Watch at Gawker.)

Also on the bill: Whorepaint, Father Finger, Timeghost, Lunchbagg, Zukrewe, Littlefoot, 14 Foot 1, Saint Jude, Vudu Sister, Black Pus (okay, now it’s a foo), Medusa Black, Lolita Black, Atlantic Thrills, Downtown Boys (love), Unicorn Hard-on, Dylan Sevey & the Gentlemen, Cannibal Ramblers, Neutral Nation, Clyde Lawrence, and VulGarrity. Awesome, but extremely vertical, poster after the jump.

1pm to 1am, Saturday, August 10, Foo Fest, AS220, Empire Street

foonews poster

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