Tattoo Art — Solo Show At Scürvy Dög

jimmy lazer (7.21) The Scürvy Dög presents “Regurgitated” a solo exhibition of 30 paintings, tattoo flash, and illustrations by tattoo artist Jimmy Lazer. Mr. Lazer answered a few questions via email discussing his work and elaborating on his recent trip to Rome; he was kind enough to explain “tattoo flash” for the uninitiated (babies, old people, Jews).

Tattoo flash are the tattoo designs that hang on the walls of a tattoo parlor.  At one time, they were hand painted in each shop, and many designs were shared among friendly tattooers.  Each design was labeled and individually priced, and correlated with an acetate stencil, which was cut for each size. These acetate stencils were what was originally used to transfer designs, and were used hundreds of times over. This repetition of popular designs still drives the tattoo industry, although the technology has changed.

The visit to Rome provided many opportunities for artistic inspiration and new ideas.

The trip was personal. But, the religious art, and some of the food (ha), we came across was photographed and will be used for future use professionally.  Every inch of that great city is covered in historic art, so it is hard to choose any one place over another but, the Vatican possessed some of my favorites. Notably, the triptychs of the Pinocateca section of the Vatican Museum and the many statues in St. Peter’s Basilica.

And of course the Sistine Chapel is nothing but flash. Mr. Lazer resides in Rhode Island but plies his needle in Fall River at Up in Flames Tattoo. (Check out his work after the jump.)

Free, 21+, 5pm to 8pm, Sunday, July 21, the Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street

“The Classic Struggle”

the classic struggle

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