Eric Andre At Comedy Connection

the eric andre show (8.2) “The Eric Andre Show” will be returning for a second season this fall on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. This absurdist take on the traditional talk show has Mr. Andre and his disinterested co-host Hannibal Burress interacting with various baffled B-listers between occasional cameo eruptions (Sebastian Bach nailed it — not sure what he said, but it was perfect). They regularly dismantle the set itself as if to underscore the theme of deconstruction for the satire-impaired, but also because it’s fun to break things. In addition to the studio bits, the show features candid camera, Ali G-type, ambush scenes. My introduction to this mayhem occurred when I woke up on my couch late one night  — I’m awake — just as Mr. Andre was barrelling around a Mensa meeting where, interestingly, no one could figure out how to handle the problem. It was delightful. The new season starts in October.

In the meantime fans can catch Eric Andre performing stand-up this Friday at the Comedy Connection.

$24, doors 7pm, show 8pm, Friday, August 2, Comedy Connection, 39 Warren Avenue, East Providence, 18+

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