Open House At TEN31 Studios

Classic Gargoyle (9.14) So your kid wants to be a gargoyle. Hold on, don’t panic . . . and whatever you do, don’t try to talk him into law school. But what is your next step? TEN31 Productions of Pawtucket — best known for the gargoyles, oracles, and living statues at WaterFire — will be holding the TEN31 Fall Creation Observation, an open house and free tour of their new facility this Saturday.

Obviously this is a great opportunity for fans to get behind the scenes and see how these beings are created. From TEN31,

This Creation Observation will be similar to the one we had in May, but will be in a new space, with different characters, and a few new twists!

Please come by to 185 Front Street in Pawtucket RI to meet our TEN31 Family and get a behind the scenes experience!

Judging from the extensive TEN31 portfolio and the move to the new digs, the outlook for living statues seems quite promising. (For more information about the advantages of law school ask your local barista.)

Free open house, noon to 4pm, Saturday, September 14, TEN31 Fall Creation Observation, 185 Front Street, Facebook, 401.725.1031

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