Flame Pizzeria Fires Up In Jewelry District

IMG_20130915_144251_041Early last year, Beth Comery reported on the resuscitation of Providence Cookie Company by Secadin “Sajo” Can and family. Their eatery on Peck Street in Downcity still offers a combination of Providence Cookie Company treats using Bette Hills’ original recipes, plus fresh lunch fare with a Middle Eastern flair and whatever yummy muffins or other treats the Cans have chosen to bake in the mornings.

I’m glad to see that the Cans are not only sticking around at Providence Cookie and Salad Bar, but that they have also opened a second eatery featuring fresh food and friendly faces: Flame Pizzeria at 85 Richmond Street (in Rhode Island-ese, that is “where Pomodoro’s Pizzeria used to be”). In addition to various pizzas, subs, calzones, and wings for the hungry clubbing crowds, Sajo is putting his Kurdish heritage to good use with delicious falafel, tabouli, grape leaves, hummus, kebabs and gyros. It was quiet yesterday afternoon when I stopped in due to a soft opening, but plans are in the works for a ribbon cutting with Mayor Taveras. Open late daily (til 2 a.m. Thursday-Sunday), student discounts, various specials (the fish n’ chips on Wednesdays and Fridays are supposed to be amazing), and Sajo was a real sport about holding up this hot, heavy pizza while I clumsily took a cell phone photo.

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