Tom Sgouras At Woods-Gerry Ends Wednesday

sgouras at woods-gerry (9.25) Only a few days left to check out “Remembered Landscapes” at the Woods-Gerry Gallery. The impact of these glowing oil on linen landscapes does not depend on knowing how “remembered” they are, but the fact that artist Tom Sgouras was losing his eyesight during their execution does place him in some pretty exalted artistic company. Let’s see, there’s him . . . there’s Beethoven . . . who else? From the ProJo review of the exhibit,

A longtime professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, Sgouros spent the last few decades of his life suffering from macular degeneration, a chronic eye disease that slowly robbed him of his sight and, potentially, his ability to make art. Yet rather than giving up, Sgouros fought back, forcing himself to keep working and teaching himself to paint by touch to compensate for his fading eyesight.

In addition to this luminous array are some of his earlier watercolor still lifes from a sojourn in Italy. Sgouras was on the RISD Illustration faculty from 1962 to 2007. Go to Cade Tompkins Projects for a comprehensive slide show and video of the artist.

Woods-Gerry Gallery, 1st floor, 62 Prospect Street, Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm/Sunday, 2pm to 5pm

remembered landscapes

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