Weekend In Music

neon bitches Friday@AS220, Fielded, Virusse, Phemale, Father Finger @Nick-A-Nee’s, Biscuit City, Matt Everett and Everett Moving Company @Machines With Magnets, Ghost Thrower, Born Without Bones, Way Out, Bad Swimmers @Fête Lounge, the Parkington Sisters, Vudu Sister @Lupo’s, Coheed and Cambria, Balance and Composure, I the Mighty @the Met, To Die This Night, A Truth Divides, Awaken the Tide, Echoes of Petra, Dysania

Saturday@Dusk, Milkbread, Bored With Four @Machines With Magnets, Goddard, Headless Nixon, Jezebel, Bloodpheasant @AS220, Trophy Scars, Tallships Set Sail, Lovechild, Monoliths @the Spot, Brother Josephus and the Love Revolution, Nexus, Galactic Alliance @the Met, Max Creek @the Parlour, Barn Burning, Sharks Come Cruisin, Why the Wires, Ian Fitzgerald @Columbus Theatre upstairs, Omnivore, Time and Temperature, Work from Smoke

Sunday@the Parlour, Sourpunch, Nymphidels, When Particles Collide, the Snakebites @Machines With Magnets, Lovers, Arch Cape, House Red @the Spot, Llama Tsunami @Columbus Theatre upstairs, Dr. Jones and the Shiners, Zoo Animal @AS220, Neon Bitches, Buckshot Facelift, Insult, Spinach @Dusk, Gavage, Steel Cranes, Yogurt Smoothness, the Vaporubs

(Photo of Neon Bitches)

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