New ‘Tribute To Providence’ From The ‘Mericans

mericans And it’s a free download. Local roots rockers the ‘Mericans — Chris Daltry, Matt Rozzero, Michael Moore, and Paul Williamson — put their own spin on original songs about Providence and/or by Providence artists including: Small Factory, Honeybunch, Roz Raskin, Scarce, the Brother Kite, Deer Tick, even Death Vessel whom Daltry chose to cover in a lower register (I offered to join him in the studio and punch him in the nads, but he went in a different direction). Says Daltry,

This is an album of the ‘Mericans covering 20 different Providence (and nearby) bands from 1987-2013. It contains both legends and lesser-known artist. It’s been a huge undertaking and it feels great to finally be able to put it out there.

Click here for your free download or just to listen. The ‘Mericans will be performing a set of these tributes at the upcoming Providence Phoenix 35th Anniversary Party at Lupo’s on November 21st, about which more later.

(Cover art by Uncle, aka Pete MacPhee. Love the Rhode Island Red which totally reads as ‘eagle’ until you notice its noble comb.)

[Additional Note: Read Chris Conti’s cover story in this week’s Providence Phoenix — The sounds of the city. Daltry discusses each band and how they affected or intersected with his own life. It’s a charming and informative guide to a certain slice of Providence musical history. It’s always nice to hear the perspective of a transplant. Daltry loves music, loves musicians, and loves his adopted city. BC]

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