Fifty Years Ago

what cheer? vintage (11.22) Television coverage of this anniversary has been intense with the most compelling work airing on PBS. For the forensic approach to the evidence, and analysis of the various conspiracy theories, check out NOVA’s “Cold Case JFK.”

Frontline producers have unearthed rare footage of an irrational and energetic Lee Harvey Oswald mixing things up with Cubans in New Orleans; they have also located the former KGB agents and Russian officials who had to deal with this naive wingnut when he showed up on their doorstep. Watch “Who was Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Can’t get enough old footage? is going all in starting today at 1:38pm ET with four straight days of a live-streaming of their original broadcast. Go here for the schedule.

And let us reflect on how important it is to have a reasonably competent vice president on deck.

(Pictured here: some of the memorabilia available at What Cheer Antiques and Vintage, 180 Angell Street.)

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