Providence Hipster Rating Improves

hipsters? Labels. It appears that Providence has moved up to Number 4 on the Travel + Leisure list of America’s Best Cities for Hipsters. What does that even mean? That this is a good environment in which to be a hipster? That it’s a good place for finding other hipsters for breeding purposes? Or could this be a vast right wing conspiracy aimed at getting all the hipsters to move into concentrated but powerless voting ghettos — socially engineered gerrymandering?

I’m not altogether sure that the people in this picture qualify as hipsters or would care for the characterization (not a porkpie in the bunch) but I just like the picture. At any rate, once McDonald’s has exploited the stereotype to sell burgers, and Mad Magazine has given it the royal treatment, then the time has come to relegate “the hipster” to the dustbin of cultural history along with “the beatnik” and “the hippie.” (And no forming kickball teams you guys.)

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