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ProJo Dear Santa — Please send Providence a benevolent, progressive, billionaire anxious to burnish his/her reputation and create a new respectable legacy for the family name. The sale comes as no real surprise given recent noises and maneuvers by the parent corporation, A.H. Belo of Texas, which is currently in negotiations with its largest union, the Providence Newspaper Guild. Guild president John Hill spoke with ProJo staff writer Paul Edward Parker (Belo to ‘explore’ sale of Journal 12.4.13);

Hill said that The Journal may benefit, if the new owners are not a corporation whose primary business interests lie in another state. “I think there’s an opportunity here to maybe bring in new ownership that will be more Rhode Island-centric,” Hill said.

He said the paper also could benefit if the new owners come from outside the newspaper industry, just as Red Sox principal owner John W. Henry bought The Boston Globe and founder Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post. “Maybe we get somebody in who looks at things a different way,” Hill said.

He added that the union would like to work with local buyers. “If people are interested in talking to us, we are very interested in talking to them.”

Surely there’s another moneybags out there who would like to out-Pulitzer Henry and Bezos. Included in the deal would be the company’s printing plant on Kinsley Avenue. (Fountain Street location sold separately.)

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