Who Leaves Their Wallet In The Car?

loie fuller's Ever? Never mind at Christmas time in a car filled with packages. U.S. Representative David Cicilline claims that his car was broken into on Christmas Eve while it was parked outside Loie Fuller’s on Westminster Street (Turnto10). Channel 12 obtained the police report which they say includes “several types of briefcases” among the items stolen. From the Providence Journal report,

“Last night my car broken into Christmas gifts, my briefcase, I-pad and my wallet. Really sucks! Family very understanding about gifts,” the Rhode Island Democrat tweeted out on Dec. 24.

While Loie Fuller’s is a decidedly upscale establishment, the surrounding neighborhood is still, shall we say, “in transition.” Mostly, this is baffling. Agree with his politics or not, he is not a stupid person.

And by the way — “sucks”? One expects more from a Brown man.

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