Week In Music

smith & weeden Monday@the Columbus Theatre, Wanda Jackson, the Silks, Toy Soldiers @Dusk, Ask the Dead, Choke Up, Raw Blow, Lyra @the Met, Transit, Misser, Long Lost, Trophy Wives

New Year’s Eve@Dusk, Olneyville Sound System, Gavage @Fête, International Nasty, Born Casual @the Met, Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons, JP Harris and the Tough Choices, Smith and Weeden @the Parlour, Sasquatch and His Full Moon Boys, the Denver Boot, Castle @Nick-A-Nee’s, Boo City, Cannibal Ramblers, Farmers Union Players, Keith McCurdy (Vudu) @Aurora ‘Last Night Providence’ (former Roots Café), Gnomes, Mystic Jammers, the Banished Fools, the Extraordinary Rendition Band

Wednesday — are you kidding

Thursday@the Parlour, Consuelo’s Revenge, Sacred Mounds, Everett Bros.

(Photo of Smith & Weeden)

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