The Incredible Shrinking State

faux streetscape Your assignment for the new year is to convince at least one interesting person to move to Rhode Island. Or have a baby, although the babies tend to grow up and move away. The Providence Journal reports that Rhode Island is in danger of losing its fourth congressional seat due to declining population (“Despite population bump, R.I. Inches closer to losing seat in U.S. House” — 12.30.13). Meanwhile states like Texas swell like hideous carbuncles, threatening to increase their enlightened influence in Washington. And North Dakota may become a player with the proliferation of its ghastly oil boomtowns. (Who will the roustabout constituency likely send to congress?) Of course the point may be moot now that the U.S. Congress has become the frozen clutch of the modern democratic world.

Journal staff writer Paul Edward Parker does a good job of explaining the formula used to apportion house seats. Further, he reminds us that “A state’s population also is used to determine the distribution of federal money.” We’re screwed.

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  1. I mean no Texans insult when saying, these days intelligence is not an evolutionarily favorable trait.

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