PPS Most Endangered Properties List 2014

atlantic mills The Providence Preservation Society has released its 10 Most Endangered Properties List of 2014; some old friends are back but new this year is the State House lawn. Good call! Part of the lawn was hastily torn up last year to expand an existing parking lot — amazing how quickly government projects can move along when there’s the will. Who would even think that this property would need protection, but when a generally enlightened and sophisticated governor like Linc Chafee displays such philistine tendencies, it’s good to have the PPS shine a spotlight on it. Chafee received a year-end raspberry from ProJo editorial writer David Brussat, “A raspberry to Governor Chafee for ramming a new parking lot onto the lawn of the State House in the dead of night, without permission from the Capital Center Commission.”

Appearing for the third time on the list is the Atlantic Mills on Manton Avenue (seen here). What a crazy pile of bricks, and there are lots of interesting interior features and details. The location however . . . a little dicey. From the PPS MEP list;

One of Providence’s most highly visible and visually distinctive mills, it features almost-twin circular-plan stair towers topped with robust balustrades, high ribbed domes, and tall lanterns (one now missing). Otherwise utilitarian in design, a mill typically achieved architectural distinction through the ornamentation of its most prominent feature, the tower on its façade.

And check out Greater City Providence; they have a great photo by Jesse Burke of the interior of the Broad Street Synagogue.

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