Urban Wildlife Photographer Profiled

peter green Urban wildlife photographer Peter Green was the subject of Walt Buteau’s “Street Stories: Hawk Eye” feature Friday on the Channel 12 News. Known for his photos of the red-tailed hawks at the State House and the nesting falcons atop the Superman building, Green is always on the prowl for new talent and was among the first to capture the snowy owls when they arrived in town. He has in the past generously allowed the Dose to use his photographs, but we thought it was time to feature his own handsome face. Peter is seen here in Burnside Park known to local raptors as the Wings-To-Go Pigeon Buffet.

If you see this man downtown and he is aiming his camera at something . . . look. Green is quite approachable and full of interesting things to say. Check out his site Providence Raptors.

“Street Stories: Hawk Eye” video after the jump.


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