New AS220 Stickers/Manager Needed

AS220 stickers Show your love with new stickers from AS220. Suggested uses: “Stick ’em on your car, your bike, your board, your guitar, phone, laptop, door, window, trapper keeper, helmet, fridge, here, there, everywhere, anywhere!” Well . . . not anywhere. Available at The Bar at AS220 or AS220 FOO(D).

AS220 is also looking for a new 95 Empire production manager.

The 95 Empire Production Manager is a part time job position (minimum 20 hours per week) with AS220′s theatre and live arts program, 95 Empire. The Production Manager is responsible for dealing with all technical logistics of the 95 Empire program, including the audio/visual setup and supervision during 95 Empire events. Tasks may include working with theatrical lighting, sound, set design for outside rentals of the space, preparing the space for performance, communicating with artists in regards to their needs and our capacity to reach those needs, plus small repairs, improvements and day-to-day maintenance of the physical spaces.

Go to the Jobs and Opportunities page for details.

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