‘The Day We Fight Back’

dwfb (2.11) This Tuesday dozens of major websites and organizations, including Demand Progress, are joining together to demand an end to mass spying. They range from the left (sites like Daily Kos) to the right (the Koch Brothers’ group FreedomWorks) with plenty in between. Together they wield a tremendous amount of influence. On Tuesday we are mobilizing thousands to call on Congress to:

~Pass the USA FREEDOM Act, which would end the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records and institute other key reforms.
~Defeat the so-called FISA Improvements Act, which would entrench — and potentially expand — the spying.
~Create additional privacy protections for non-Americans.
~End the NSA’s subversion of encryption and other data security measures.

For those who do not ordinarily do this sort of thing, the site has made it very easy for you to call or email your congressperson and register the above demands. Feel free to go rogue and ad lib a bit.

February 11th is The Day We Fight Back against mass surveillance.

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