Olneyville New York System Wins James Beard Award

ONYS The Olneyville N.Y. System is one of five recipients of the 2014 James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Awards — considered front page news over at the ProJo.

Fourth generation owners Greg Stevens and Stephanie Stevens Turini will accept the award in Lincoln Center in New York City on May 5 at the annual James Beard Foundation Awards which are considered the “Oscars” of the food world. A video was made at the shop last Friday which will be shown at the gala event.

The Olneyville N.Y. System website (which is very good by the way) has written up the honor with this excerpt from the announcement describing one ‘all the way.’

Olneyville New York System, despite its name, serves food that is distinctive to Rhode Island. Slathered with mustard, topped with meat sauce, sprinkled with celery salt and onions, and served in a steamed bun, the hot wiener is signature as are the salt and vinegar French fries. The preferred drink is coffee milk, made in Rhode Island by flavoring milk with a sweetened coffee concentrate called coffee syrup.

Note to Scrabblers: The restaurant spells it WEINERS on the neon sign out front, while it appears as WIENERS everywhere else. Both spellings are acceptable Scrabble words.

Love the sign at the pick-up window — clearly made in an effort to save time. I’ll bet it gets harder and harder to read the closer one gets to closing time on Saturday nights.  (Picture after the jump.)

menu board

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