Steam Sauna Pods At Machines With Magnets

Hotspot (3.11) Here’s a unique opportunity to participate in an 80-minute sweat lodge ceremony using individual steam sauna pods and live video to create a wireless network among audience members (?) . . . in Pawtucket . . . with other people you just met. Willfully conjoined techno-mystics Sisters of the Lattice present Hotspot at Machines With Magnets.

The venue holds 200 so there’s plenty of room for everybody. This contemporary sweat-lodge experience utilizes 6 portable steam saunas and centers around a screening of the Sisters’ interactive feature-length film Link. This event is the first Hotspot to be held in Rhode Island. If you’d like to reserve a sauna, please write to as soon as possible. As there are only 6 saunas available, additional viewers are also welcome to attend and watch the film in this historic theater (no reservation necessary).  ** Sauna participants will be asked to arrive 30 mins before the ceremony begins, and will be given further information about how to dress and prepare.

Okay I have no idea what this is — but it has ‘bad hair day’ written all over it. So I’m going to take a pass on the pod. But I love that they do stuff like this.

Free and open to the public, 6pm & 8pm, Tuesday, March 11, Machines With Magnets, 400 Main Street,

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