Deer Tick At Lupo’s

deer tick (3.14) Providence band Deer Tick headlines this Friday at Lupo’s. They then head out to tour the country, and beyond, in support of their latest album ‘Negativity.’ (Oy, they have two nights in Toronto — keep that mayor away from our boy.) It would appear that the band has opted to stay home on March 17th as well. Good move.

Frontman John McCauley had a couple of tough years there and he poured the turmoil and heartbreak of a bad breakup, getting clean, and of course his dad, into his music with this critically well-received album as the result. Most listeners noted a maturity and depth in the songwriting that his earlier beer-fueled rockers may have lacked (Paste). This may not be the most original rock ‘n’ roll trajectory but he’s landed on his feet. From Rolling Stone;

Tight songs flash their roots: “Thyme” echoes Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ sexy menace; “In Our Time” (with Vanessa Carlton) recalls the battle-hardened duets of Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. McCauley unspools frank memoir here. “Mr. Sticks” is about his imprisoned dad; the folksy “Big House” gives a junkie friend a dress-down worthy of Skynyrd‘s “That Smell.” If he gets personal, he’s not self-indulgent. He’s just a bruised craftsman, impressively plying his trade.

Fun Fact: McCauley and Carlton were wed last December in a ceremony officiated by Stevie Nicks.

Doors open at 8pm/show 9pm: Openers — You Won’t and King Sickabilly and his Full Moon Boys.

$23 day of, show 9pm, Friday,  March 14, Lupo’s, Washington Street

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