Providence Geek Dinner At AS220

Pro-T Compression Shorts (3.19) Sooner or later . . . you’re gonna crash. Make sure you are wearing these crash pants from G-Form.

From their headquarters in the Jewelry District, G-Form has been shaking up one industry after another with their Reactive Protection Technology™ — a proprietary composite, that on impact, instantly absorbs over 90% of the energy. The result is state-of-the-art protection in a lightweight, flexible form.

G-Form first went after the smartphone and tablet case market. You may remember the Youtube video of them dropping an iPad from low orbit — unscathed. Since then G-Form has expanded into skateboarding, biking, and soccer.

At the March Geek Dinner, G-Form co-founder and executive chairman — and adjunct professor at Brown University — Danny Warshay will tell the G-Form story, demo its technology and products [c’mon, crash some pants], and give a sneak peek at what markets they’ll be conquering next [car wraps? onesies?].

Doors open 5:30pm, mill about awkwardly. Then at 6:30 there’s a 30-minute presentation and Q&A, then more eating and drinking.

Free (you buy your own food and drink),Wednesday, March 19, AS220, 115 Empire Street

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