‘The Unknown Known’ At Cable Car

Unknown Known Not a care in the world.

We should force all future presidents, all members of Congress, and all Cabinet members, to watch an Errol Morris double-feature: “The Fog of War” and “The Unknown Known.” From the New York Times review,

Unlike Robert S. McNamara, another former defense secretary who sat for a portrait in front of Mr. Morris’s camera (in “The Fog of War”), Mr. Rumsfeld is untroubled by second thoughts or pangs of conscience. At times, the discrepancy between his view of himself and the historical record is almost comical, as when he waves off the suggestion that he was a ruthlessly Machiavellian player in the internecine Republican struggles of the 1970s.

“The Unknown Known” is rated PG-13. The New York Times adds, “Thousands of deaths, bloodlessly discussed.” Running time 103 minutes.

Starts Friday, April 11, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street

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