Lazy Network Reporting — How Is Cardinal Dolan Okay?

dante I’ve said it before, it’s because he’s jolly. Cuddly and jolly. This would be great if he wanted to be a department store Santa, but . . . oh ick, I just pictured him with a child on his lap.

At any rate, disgraced New York Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan continues to be the go-to Catholic for network news producers in need of a talking head for discussing church matters; this despite Dolan’s own complicity in the Milwaukee pedophile scandal. We wrote about Dolan last year during the pope-picking conclave. (He was at the time being described in the press as a reformer. You decide.)

Two other American reformers were busy getting deposed last month (NYT 2.20.13): the way-too-jolly Cardinal Timothy Dolan “. . . lawyers deposing Cardinal Dolan represent hundreds of people who say they were sexually molested by priests in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which he led for seven years before his appointment as archbishop of New York in 2009.” (See “Mea Maxima Culpa” on HBO for more about that grotesque situation.)

Documents concerning the Milwaukee crimes were released last summer; PBS Newshour had a report.

The documents also contain files on more than 40 priests either dismissed or restricted, including the late Father Lawrence Murphy, believed to have molested as many as two hundred deaf boys. The documents also shine a light on New York Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan, formerly the archbishop of Milwaukee. Documents show he asked for the Vatican’s approval in 2007 to move nearly $57 million dollars off the diocesan books into a cemetery fund to protect church assets.

So why was Cardinal Dolan on “Meet the Press” this morning? Did they want to grill him on why he had been hiding church assets instead of protecting deaf children? Hardly. It was a superficial puff piece on how the pope was doing so far. The scandals were referred to in the most general terms; Dolan stated that the pope should “meet with the victims.”

It also pains me to add that Dolan seems to be an uncharacteristic blind spot for Stephen Colbert. For more on this, make time to watch last February’s Frontline — “Secrets of the Vatican.” It’s even worse than you thought.

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