Cinco With Louie C.K. — Mui Divertido

Louie Louie C.K. is half Mexican (his mother is of Irish heritage). Mr. C. K. lived in Mexico until the age of 7, his father’s family still resides there, and according to Wiki, his first language was Spanish and he retains his Mexican citizenship. And yet, if he goes outside wearing anything less than SPF5o, he’ll burst into flames. Sadly, there’s no make-over cure for these mom genes.

Season 4 of the excellent show “Louie” has been in the FX pipeline for what seems like years — and tonight, Monday at 10pm, it finally returns. FX will air two all new episodes back-to-back every Monday at 10:00 and 10:30pm for seven consecutive weeks through June 16. (Good write-up at Slate.)

But wait there’s more, on IFC. Starting Thursday night at 10pm: the season 2 opener of “Maron” in which comedian Marc Maron plays himself doing podcasts out of his garage interviewing his more successful friends (past episodes have featured Dave Foley and Dennis Leary). Then at 10:30pm, also on IFC, it’s “Comedy Bang! Bang!” with Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts. RIYL “Between Two Ferns” and “Mr. Show” — it’s all the same people.

Further proof that this is the Golden Age of Television Comedy (sorry Sid Caesar, not even close) can be found on HBO with “Silicon Valley” which just gets more hilarious with each episode. And the new season of “Veep” has been genius.

I love television.

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