Take Action To Tax And Regulate Marijuana In RI

Reg RI The good people over at Regulate Rhode Island have been spearheading the effort to pass legislation that would tax and regulate marijuana in Rhode Island. They have been organizing, lobbying, and spreading the word, but now it’s time for you to step up.

(Why Regulation? — go here.)

You need to contact your legislators and tell them you support House Bill 7506 and Senate Bill 2379. They need to hear from their constituents! Make a phone call, or email, or both.

And Regulate Rhode Island has made it easy as pie. They have provided a script to help with phone calls, and a sidebar with useful bullet points. They have even got a link for newcomers who don’t who their legislators are.  Let’s be the first state in the northeast to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana. We can do this! And while you are at it — make a donation.

Contact Your Legislator!

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