Green Patriot Posters

Green Patriot Posters Discovered at the Graphic Design: Now In Production exhibition at the RISD Museum: Green Patriot Posters — posters for energy independence and the fight against climate change. This organization encourages you to submit a poster or distribute one of their many existing posters.

Green Patriot Posters is a communications campaign centered on posters that encourage all U.S. citizens to build a sustainable economy. These posters can be general (“We Can Do It!”) or can promote a specific sustainability action.

They also launch campaigns, go here to submit your idea. Seen here is one of the currently top-rated entries submitted four years ago by Nick Dewar.

Go to the posters page and click on any of the design thumbnails to rate, share, download or leave a comment. The highest rated designs will be among those selected for distribution in a book (book cover up at RISD), exhibitions, and other highly visible channels like bus ads and billboards.

Admission to the RISD Museum on Sundays is free. Go here for directions.

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