Milky, Feathery Performance At Black Box

Black Box (5.18) Tonight at AS220 — La Gallera De Flores y Leche, aka The Fluxus Cockfight. This is the third part of the Fluxus Cabaret series. About 12 artists from diverse mediums will perform under the context of the ritual of sport, inspired by Latin-American cockfights. This is a multi-genre, collective performance, one day only.

May’s full moon is known as the Flower Moon and the Milk Moon. This collective performance is inspired by Roberto Fabelo’s Roosters, cockfights, blood sport, boxing, Caribbean cultures, Santeria and religious syncretism, flowers, milk, and tropical bird plumage.

$5 ($3 for people wearing a red or green mask or any sort of plumage. Feathers feathers feathers!)

[Editor’s note: You are on your own with this one, folks. It might be wet?]

6pm to 8:30pm, Sunday, May 18, 95 Empire Black Box, AS220

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