Magic Lantern At Cable Car

magic lantern (5.22) Magic Lantern Cinema presents ‘Utopic Fantasy/Infinite Gender/Experimental History’ Thursday at the Cable Car  — curated by Xander Marro.

Utopic narrative often leans towards the future, plumbing and prophesying worlds to come, offering a fantasy of “becoming,” idyllic tomorrows and possible (beautiful) new approaches to consciousness. But what happens when that longing turns backwards and marches into the past, or into the vague netherworlds of memory? Walking hand in hand with that question is the query: what happens when gender binaries shatter and eyeballs awaken to a whole new visible spectrum of gender expressions? The following films/performances will be presented as offerings in service to these questions: Maggots and Men by Cary Cronenwett; Happy and Gay by Lorelei Pepi; AI NA IV by Maralie; No Man’s Land by ISLANDS; and Banquet, a collaboration by Nell Gross, Katrina Silander Clark and Julia Moses.

Not rated. Total running time 90 minutes. More at FB.

$5, 8pm, Thursday, May 22, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street, 272.3970

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