Journalist Alexander Stille — Salon At Athenaeum

the force of things (5.23) Journalist Alexander Stille will talk about his memoir “The Force of Things: A Marriage in War and Peace.” Michiko Kakutani, writing in The New York Times review, describes how the couple in question meet whatever-the-opposite-of-cute is.

Elizabeth and Misha, Alexander Stille’s mother and father, met in May 1948 at a party for Truman Capote. She came to the party with her husband at the time, Bob, and left with Misha. Within a week, she’d moved out of the apartment she’d shared with Bob, and begun an intense romance with Misha. The pair would get married and stay married for more than four decades, but the marriage would be a fiercely tempestuous one, fueled by epic fights and threats of divorce — a marriage that their son describes as a toxic clash of civilizations.


Free and open to the public, 5pm to 7pm, Friday, May 23, Providence Athenaeum, 251 Benefit Street

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