Visit The Roger Williams National Memorial

RWNM Family coming to visit this weekend? What to do . . . what to do. One nearby attraction of interest to American history buffs and Baptists is the Roger Williams National Memorial (RWNM), a 4.5 acre park operated by the National Park Service, complete with real live park rangers. And no bears. The visitor center — open seven days (operating hours) — features an exhibit, a short film about Roger, and many useful guides and info about nearby attractions.

They have some reasonably priced souvenirs and an excellent book section — with many of the titles that should be at the State House gift shop but aren’t —  including “The Wordy Shipmates” by Sarah Vowell, a perfect way into the Roger Williams story.

The RWNM hosts the ‘Downtown Sundown Series’ — free concerts, theatrical performances, and talks. The TRIST production of Henry IV, Part I kicks things off on May 29th.

RWNM Visitor Center, open seven days,  282 North Main Street, at Smith Street, (directions)

The baseball caps are adjustable but with nice buckles, not Velcro. They’re pretty nice.


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