Our Advice To The Class Of 2014

frog & toadThank you Frog & Toad, but maybe the job market is improving. One hopeful sign, Condé Nast has, as a result of a lawsuit, abandoned its internship program. Perhaps now they can return to offering properly compensated, entry level positions that do not favor the children of privilege. They just might find they are getting better employees.

Unpaid internships are evil, and that much vaunted “foot in the door” just fattens the bottom line for the company, while serving to depress wages and salaries. Ross Perlin, author of “Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy” wrote in The New York Times,

There are even broader effects of the internship boom: constricted social and professional mobility, growing inequality, and an economy whose top tier is becoming less and less diverse. Even more seriously, a fundamental ethic in American life is under threat: the idea that a hard day’s work demands a fair wage.

Our message to the class of 2014 — Demand a fair wage!

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