Weekend In Music

the silks Friday@Fête Lounge, the Silks, Old Jack, the Curtis Mayflower, Torn Shorts @the Met, Fairhaven, the Most Dangerous Men Alive, the October Accord, S. Walcott @Nick-A-Nee’s, Shacklehands @Lupo’s, moe. @Columbus Theatre, Haunt the House, Alec K. Redfearn Trio, Ol’Factory @Dusk, Last One Out, Northeast Traffic, the Sharp Shadows, The Adventures Of

Saturday@the Met, the Feelies, @the Parlour, Pages of Paul, Biscuit City @Dusk, Chem-Trails, Party Pigs, Bloodpheasant, Xmaguyvergrindx, Citizen Green @the Spot, Fungus Amungus @AS220, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Funeral Cone, Cottaging, Wokling

Sunday@Columbus Theatre, Toy Soldiers, Quiet Life @the Parlour, Gavage, Josh Oyola and the Astronauts, Violent Moe, the Hi Watts @Fête Lounge (Providence Battle of the Bands), Varsity Club, the Sweet Release, Blue Light Bandits, the Woodsides, Cherry Mellow, Dr. Slick, the Novi Giants, Lure of the Animal, the Cultured @Machines With Magnets, Horse Lords, Spiritual Shit, Titans of Jazz

(Photo of the Silks)

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