Compost Scrap Collection Program From EcoRI

ecoRI Here’s a great program from ecoRI aimed at city-dwellers who have no room for composting but hate throwing perfectly good scraps in the trash. You pick the schedule, they give you a bucket, they pick up the scraps. Customers receive a portion of this nutrient-rich soil — known as black gold in gardening circles — in the spring. Or, you can donate it to a school garden project or to a local community garden.

ecoRI Earth picks up food scrap from your home once a week or every other week. The food scrap is transported to and composted at New Urban Farmers in Pawtucket or at City Farm in Providence.

What we take: Fruit and veggie scraps (uncooked or cooked), coffee grounds and filters, teabags, egg shells, greasy pizza boxes (clean tops should be recycled).

There is a fee. For details and to sign up go to ecoRI.

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