‘Cosmic Top Secret’ Peter Glantz Performance

We Are The Universe (6.15) More at the Bell Gallery as part of the ‘Going Nowhere’ exhibition — follow artist Peter Glantz as he leads an experimental tour of the show.

Please join us on Saturday June 14th and Sunday 15th for performances of Peter Glantz’s Cosmic Top Secret. Conceived as part of the Bell Gallery’s current exhibition, ‘Going Nowhere: Alumni Artist in Providence,’ Cosmic Top Secret, “reveals the hidden story within the art during a tour of the gallery. These secrets will not be available anywhere else.”

Seen here is an image from ‘We Are The Universe,’ a video by Peter Glantz and Becky Stark, art by Kevin Hooyman, animation by Kenneth Onulak. Hooyman’s work in ‘Going Nowhere’ is fascinating.

In Kevin Hooyman’s simple yet introspective drawings, autobiographical vignettes rendered in ink are juxtaposed with painted scenes of surreal creatures, landscapes, and people. Image and text gesture towards each other but do not resolve into singular narratives.

2pm and 3pm, Saturday June 14/2pm and 3pm, Sunday June 15 at 2:00pm and 3:00pm, List Art Lobby, 64 College Street

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