‘Cocktail’ At Movies On The Block

(6.26) Winner of two Razzies (picture and screenplay) the 1988 Tom Cruise vehicle “Cocktail” is this week’s feature at Movies on the Block. Vincent Canby describes these characters as “seriously dim” and called the movie

. . . an upscale, utterly brainless variation on those efficient old B-movies of the 1930’s and 40’s about the lives, loves and skills of coal miners, sand hogs and telephone linemen, among others.

Exactly what you want in outdoor viewing. And any movie with Gina Gershon can’t be all bad.

Rated R. Running time 104 minutes. Rain date, Friday. (Next up on July 3rd — “Woodstock.”)

Free, 8pm-ish . . . sundown, Thursday, June 26, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street, FB, (directions)

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  1. I think this is the first movie I enjoyed watching /because it was bad/. For some reason, I just really enjoyed that this was the movie Tom Cruise decided to make after Top Gun.

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