Trophy Wives

Weekend In Music

@Waterplace Park Basin, the Rare Occasions, Torn Shorts @AS220, Raindance, Violent Sons, Slow Mover, Hurt @Nick-A-Nee’s, Cannibal Ramblers @the Met, the Schemers @the Parlour, Full Void @Fête, Delie Red X, D2 tha Future, Andrew Moon Bain, the Digital Ancient, DirtyDurdie, Thr33 Piece Suit @the Columbus Theatre, Christopher Paul Stelling, Jonah Tolchin, Ron Gallo

Saturday@AS220, Bloodpheasant, Mourning, Twin Foxes, Low Pony @the Columbus Theatre, Sarah Lee Guthrie, Johnny Irion @the Met, It Lives It Breathes, Trophy Wives, We Built the Moon, Sayings, Suburban Downfall @the Spot, Daddie Long Legs, Poppasquash @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Rambling Kind @Simon’s 677, (Freak Fest 5 starts 4pm), Devil’s Feedback, Sun of Sound, Satellites Fall, and more

Sunday@Dusk, Sin of Angels, Lycus, FÓRN, Extinction Machine @the Met, Rizzz @AS220, Ask the Dead, Young Leaves, Left & Right, Julius Earthling

(Photo of Trophy Wives)

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