Gano Park Boat Launch

boat launchGet used to the sight of boat trailers cruising through Fox Point — the first public boat ramp in the city opened Monday. The new Gano Park Boat Launch has parking for vehicles with trailers as well as easy access for the canoes and kayaks. The Providence Journal covered the grand opening.

The Gano Park boat ramp, which is located where East Transit Street meets the Seekonk River, is the only public kayak and canoe launch point along a 4.2-mile stretch of the river. It is also the only public facility of its kind along Providence’s 14.2 miles of saltwater shoreline, according to the city.

The US Coast Guard’s Waterway Watch has posted a sign asking people to report any suspicious activities. Like . . . kayaking? Who does that? And what are they hiding? Those hulls could be packed with cocaine and yellow cake for all we know. Better to call it in and be on the safe side.

The park is open from dawn to sundown, pets must be leashed, no swimming or diving (hardly needs saying), no alcoholic beverages. Just fishing and launching.

East Transit Street off Gano Street, south of the basketball courts and dog park (directions)

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