What Would Roger Do? Electric Six At Fête

You mention Roger Williams — you get a special post. If you’ve never caught the unique stylings of Dick Valentine, head over to Fête tonight for the Electric Six show. Known for “Danger! High Voltage” and “Gay Bar” these Detroit rockers have a deep catalog and they put on a show.

Valentine’s excessively cheerful affect suggests that Up With People has been a significant cultural influence and that he experiments with recreational ECT. He is also whip smart. But imagine our surprise upon reading this recent Facebook update in which he goes into considerable detail regarding Roger Williams and what he stood for, concluding;

On Monday, July 21, Electric Six will walk in a fair and just manner upon a stage at Fete Music in Providence, Rhode Island to perform approximately 70 minutes of music, inclusive of encore. Electric Six is a visitor to Providence and like so many before it, it is drawn to Providence by the reputation of openness and acceptance it has held for many centuries. If Roger Wiliams were alive today, he’d find much to like within the culture of Electric Six. Electric Six does not believe in unity between church and state. Electric Six owes no allegeance to a Crown. Electric Six has always been motivated by the concept of fair and just dealings, and it has welcomed those of all nations into its warm embrace. On Monday night, the Crazies of Providence are going to find out just how warm that embrace can be. Join us…Roger Williams would want you to be there.

Okay so there’s some spelling issues . . . still. Openers include Ravi Shavi, Satellites Fall, VulGarrity.

$15, doors 7pm, Monday, July 21, Fête Lounge, 103 Dike Street

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