Say ‘No’ To Con Con

It always sounds like such a good idea.

On election day in November, Rhode Island voters will be asked if they want to hold a Constitutional Convention in 2015. Dr. Pablo Rodriquez, former medical director for Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island and one of the bravest people anywhere, has a great op-ed piece in Monday’s ProJo “Con con: a bright shiny object that isn’t.”

Some claim that a constitutional convention is a purer form of democracy. But really, delegates to a con con are often political insiders, including even legislators’ family members, chosen in an off-year election when voter turnout is very low. And because these delegates will not face re-election, they don’t need to be accountable to voters.

The Caprio/Palumbo logroll is only that latest example of what these people get up to when they are (supposedly) accountable to voters. See also: 38 Studios. Perhaps more importantly,

In states across the country where ballot questions are a common feature on election day, controversial and divisive issues have become regular fodder for expensive campaigns promoted by special interests: campaigns that attack gay rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, affirmative action and even gun-ownership rights have all become subjects of state ballot questions.

Vote ‘no’ to the Constitutional Convention in November.


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