Going, Going . . . The ProJo Circles The Drain

So let’s get this straight — Bob Kerr is out, but Patinkin stays? Apparently Mr. Kerr should have spent more time writing about his kids leaving wet towels on the floor.

Word spread quickly this week that Providence Journal columnist Bob Kerr had been unceremoniously shown the door after 43 years. Also let go were the venerable Thomas J. Morgan and Tatiana Pina; the latter may be the last staff writer who speaks Spanish.

Phillipe and Jorge of the Providence Phoenix know Kerr both professionally and personally and have revealed an amazing (and appalling) fact.

Toward the end of his tenure, after the paper dispensed of its full-time pop music writer, he wrote a number of stories on local popular music and — here’s the part few know — he wasn’t compensated for this work. He simply felt that music was a vital part of our Rhode Island community and that there should be some coverage of it.

We agree. Music is important, and labor should be compensated! Jeez.

P&J point out that Morgan “will carry a huge chunk of institutional knowledge with him out the door. His fluid writing style will be greatly missed.” They add that Pina is thought to be the only Journal writer who spoke fluent Spanish.

So good luck to Mr. Kerr, Mr. Morgan, and Ms. Pina — you will be missed. Make no mistake, this is terrible news for all of us.

[Additional Note: RI Public Radio offered Kerr an opportunity to write his last column, something the ProJo itself should have done. Listen here. BC]

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