Voter ID In Effect — Primary Day

(9.9) The new Voter ID requirement will be in effect tomorrow at the Rhode Island polls. Don’t forget to thank the “Democrats” of our general assembly for giving Ann Coulter ammunition about Voter ID not being a Republican initiative (and if you can vote against Senator Howard Metts who sponsored that bill, do it).

The Providence Journal has a useful comprehensive primary how-to for tomorrow. “RI Primary Day: Who may vote, what to bring, where to go.”

And the New York Times has an editorial today updating recent challenges to Voter ID laws in Wisconsin and Texas concluding;

Rather than find a way to appeal to a wider swath of voters, Republican lawmakers rig the game with pointless obstacles to voting. The courts are finally catching on, but in the meantime, many of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens are shut out of the democratic process.

Republican lawmakers and . . . Rhode Island “Democrats.”

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