Governor’s Race Just Got Interesting — Welcome ‘Moderate’ Moose

As did any future debates. Robert J. Healey, founder and chairman of the Cool Moose Party, will make a fourth run at the governor’s office, this time representing the Moderate Party.

This is one politician who does not traffic in sound bites, bromides, bumper stickers, or b.s. of any kind. He is an original thinker and congenitally incapable of pandering.

In the upcoming debates while Raimondo and Fung will be seen muttering to themselves — stay on message. . . stay on message — Healey will be forcing them to answer questions and defend positions, and with specifics. (Healey is a practicing attorney.)

His most recent campaign for state office was in 2010 when he garnered an astonishing 39% of the vote running as Cool Moose candidate for Lieutenant Governor on a platform dedicated solely to eliminating the office. He spoke with the Providence Journal.

Healey said the Moderate Party has agreed to let him campaign the way he wants, without seeking contributions and, instead, running a grassroots campaign focused on the same topics as his past campaigns for governor — government waste and over-regulation of businesses.

Welcome back Mr. Healey.

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