Thayer Street Fest Sunday — Don’t Go

[Additional Note: The organizers of this event are clearly assholes. They have gone up and down the median of Blackstone Boulevard sticking in those plasticized signs (since removed) advertizing this event. I’m assuming this is some out-of-town promotions company, because locals would know that this is a) prohibited on public property, and b) will generate only negative publicity. Their website is intentionally vague on who they are. So if you must go to Thayer Street Sunday I would urge that you only patronize the taxpaying bricks-and-mortar stores and restaurants. And the Thayer Street Merchants Association should either mount their own festival or, better still, just have no festival at all. How many of these things do we need? BC]

Thayer Street between Angell and Bowen Streets will be closed to traffic Sunday for a street festival. Organizers promise,

“artisans, strolling music, strolling performers . . .”

So, lots of strolling. Sounds kid friendly. Crafts, food, vendors, strolling.

10am to 5pm, Sunday, September 28, Thayer Street between Angell and Bowen

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  1. You do realize its possible for organizers from the City to be ignorant of local rules too right?
    Organizers affiliated with Brown especially are pretty ignorant of what happens outside of College Hill

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