WBNA House Tour

(10.4) You can tour ten of West Broadway’s most interesting and newly revitalized properties this Saturday for $35. This includes some of those massive piles on Broadway itself, as well as a residence on Sutton Street, Brighton Street, and the Armenian church on Broadway which may be trying to rehabilitate its reputation in the neighborhood after being such dicks about Cluck! (Not sure what’s happening here. The WBNA website has a completely different church listed, the one at 540 Broadway. However, the Sunday ProJo writeup quite clearly identifies (and with photos) St. Vartanantz at 402 Broadway. But the St. V. website calendar has a “Divine Liturgy and Ordination to the Holy Priesthood” planned from 9am to 1pm on Saturday. So . . . free wine?)

The highlight of the tour has to be the fabulous Barnaby”s Castle (seen here) which as recently as 2012 was on the PPS Most Endangered Properties List and comes complete with a gothic backstory involving murder.

A $100 ticket gets you on the house tour and into the Friday night preview party at 77 Parade Street with open bar, oysters, and desserts.

WBNA House Tour, $40 day of, 10am to 4pm, Saturday, October 4


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