Brown Mayoral Debate Sold Out

(10.15) There may still be tickets available in the overflow area (?) for Wednesday’s mayoral debate at Brown, but the large auditorium of Salomon Center has been sold out. This could be interesting. [Additional Note: Good job, everyone. Read about the debate in ProJo 10.15.14.]

In the meantime, go to RI Future and check out “Former attorneys general united: Say ‘no’ to Cianci.” Steve Ahlquist writes about an unprecedented press conference held today by three former U.S. Attorneys explaining their vehement opposition to Cianci’s candidacy. These men were there on the front lines; they understand the legalities and know the facts . . . the true facts.

Democrat and current United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and Republicans Robert Corrente and, by phone, Lincoln Almond (who also served as governor of Rhode Island)

were joined by former Common Cause director Phil West to counter the sanitized and minimized version of events being pushed by Cianci to whom it’s all a big joke. They are in agreement, Buddy is not a changed a man.

Corrente started the press conference by noting that the information being presented was for the undecided voters who will determine the mayoral race in Providence, not for those who have already decided. Cianci, says Corrente, has “minimized and even joked about the crimes he committed in office,” and these crimes include a “violent beating involving a fireplace log and an ashtray.” The head of the Providence City Council during Cianci’s first term told Corrente that, “Cianci is killing the city” through threats, bribery and extortion.

During his second administration, said Corrente, Cianci ran the Providence City Hall as an organized criminal enterprise for nearly a decade before being convicted on RICO charges, yet the former mayor characterized his conviction as “some guy down the hall who took a g-note.” Corrente called Cianci’s statement an “outrageous mischaracterization.”

Great piece by Ahlquist. Share it with people who are either too young, or too new to the city, to properly understand the extent and the seriousness of this man’s depravity and corruption.

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