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Check it out, someone is still making jewelry in the Jewelry District. Artist Hannah Garrison solicits used guitar strings from noted guitarists and turns them into bracelets. Providence-based Wear Your Music also sells key chains, earrings, etc. Participating musicians include Brown alum Lisa Loeb, Les Claypool, Toni Iommi, Robert Trujillo, MGMT, Geezer, Weezer, and Avril Lavigne! (Noel Gallagher, Joan Jett, Brian May, and Willie Nelson have already sold out).

ProJo writer Jenna Pelletier first brought this local company to our attention.

Meticulously labeled boxes of strings are piled high in Wear Your Music’s small office in a renovated mill building in Providence. “We’re getting strings in every day and sorting them,” Garrison said. “If there’s any question of the authenticity, we don’t use them.”

Bracelets in the Famous Artists Collection start at around $50 and can cost more than $1,000. Prices are based on the musician’s tour ticket prices and the amount of material they have made available to Garrison.

(Yeah I guess, but Jack Johnson wears out guitar strings?)

WYM also carries non-celebrity items at reasonable prices: charms, key chains, earrings, and gemstone picks. Seen here is Graphite Gangsta Guitar String Bracelet for $9.95. But if you want access to, say, Bacon Brothers grade fingertip molecules, you’re gonna have to pay a little more.

*Re: QUA. In Scrabble ‘qua’ gets quite a workout but it’s impossible to use in a sentence without sounding like a jackass. I just wanted to prove to Jane that it could be done. It won’t happen again.

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  1. Yes, let this be its last occurrence on the Dose, Beth. It may be Scrabble-legal, but it still looks goofy in a headline. Love the bracelet, though!

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