Providence Police Corruption Under Buddy

You may need the police some day. Would you prefer that the officer responding had been hired and promoted on merit? Would honor and integrity be desirable attributes in a law enforcement officer? Then vote for Jorge Elorza.

Today’s ProJo cover story “Buddy’s Boys” shows exactly what a police department run by Buddy Cianci would be like, because, as Dr. Phil is so fond of saying, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

The abuses under the Cianci administration are laid out in an unredacted 59-page report, obtained Tuesday by The Providence Journal. It was commissioned in 2003 by then-Chief Dean M. Esserman and then-Mayor David Cicilline to get to the bottom of the testing scandal that rocked the department and put all promotional tests on hold.

The report — completed in 2004 by six Providence detectives and based on FBI interviews and federal and state grand jury testimony — includes charts showing how promotions were connected to campaign contributions to Friends of Cianci.

“It has become clear that promotional procedures in the Providence Police Department were corrupted by cheating, collusion and political influence,” the report states.

Excellent reporting by Amanda Milkovits, and must reading for all registered voters in Providence. And while we’re at it, big thanks to the Providence Journal who have been getting it done with relentless, thorough, and unassailable coverage of this critical mayoral race.


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